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Enjoy many benefits with our REWARDS program !

BONUS of 500 Rewards points at registration *

(instead of 250)



Burj Kalifa Tower - DubaÏ



Each booking made directly from our website to our advertising partners will earn Rewards points.

To earn Rewards points, you must register and create an account in our "Member Area" (free registration and no obligation to purchase)

When your balance reaches 2,500 points (25,00 €), you can ask to use it as a discount on some sites or a bank transfer to your account.



How are Rewards points awarded?

In the form of a bonus of 250 points (500 points until 30/06/2019),

On your purchases at our advertisers by clicking on the banners by going on the page "Directory of our partners"

When you click on the desired banner, do not leave the site page before finalizing your reservation.

Send us an email to with the nature of your purchase, the amount and the reference or reservation number or fill out the "Points Rewards" form by clicking on the "Contact" tab. top of page.

Your points will be added to your rewards account in waiting status and validated after your reservation or stay.



What is my pay on my purchases?

The remuneration of your purchases is made in Rewards points (1 point rewards = 0.01 €) depending on the advantages with our partners. See below



How and when can I use my points?

When you have accumulated at least 2500 REWARDS points, you can claim either a voucher equivalent to the number of points earned on several of our sites or have the amount paid into your bank account.

  (example 3000 Rewards points = 30,00 €)

You do not have to use all of your points at once as long as your balance is more than 2500 Rewards points at the time of your request.

(example: you have 4000 points, you can request a withdrawal of 2500 or 3000 points).



What is the difference between Rewards Points and Bonus Points?

Bonus points are awarded for registration, for a sponsorship (coming on the site) or for special promotions.

Rewards points are awarded on purchases made directly from our site.

Bonus points have the same value as Rewards points but can not be exchanged directly for a coupon or bank transfer.



How to benefit from my bonus points?

Your bonus points are added to your Rewards points.

In order to use your bonus points, you must earn a minimum of 1500 Rewards points and have a total of more than 2500 points (Rewards + bonus) to order a voucher or a deposit on your account.

When you apply, the number of your bonus points can not exceed that of your Rewards points.

(example: if you have 2500 bonus points and 1500 Rewards points, your request can not be greater than 3000 points ie 1500 Rewards points + 1500 bonus points,

or, if you have 2500 bonus points and 3000 rewards points, you can withdraw all of your points.)



Img 5009


Reward points per purchase

Fixed points per transaction   10 points

Air France (domestic flight in France)   50 points

Air France (medium distance flight - Europe)   100 points   200 points    200 points

Europe Assistance   200 points   300 points

Air France (long haul flight)   300 points

TUIfly and, in order to maintain a price harmony between all their sites, do not allow cashback. But to reward you for your purchase of our site, we will give you 100 bonus points 50 € or 250 bonus points per minimum transaction if your transaaction is higher than 250 €.


Variable points per purchase for 1 €

NMBS Europe   0.50 point

Flixbus (discounted tickets)   0.50 point (flight only)   1.00 point

Qatar Airways   1.00 point

Disneyland Paris (tickets and year tickets)   1.25 points (flight + hotel)   2.00 points   2.50 points

B & B hotels   2.50 points

Aqualibi   2.50 points

Flixbus (normal accounts)   2.50 points

Disneyland Paris (accommodation packages)   2.50 points

Rental cars   2.50 points

Belvilla   2.50 points (hotel only)   3.50 points

Plopsa   3.50 points

Get Your Guide   3.50 points


This is the minimum number of points you will receive.

To collect more points, log on to our site regularly and carefully follow the "LATEST NEWS" of our blog to see our temporary promotions and / or those of our advertisers.

Through these various promotions, you can get up to 5% off.

!!! At present, our system does not allow us to find your purchase automatically.

In order to facilitate our search, please click on the "Contact" tab at the top of the page and fill out the "Points Rewards" form or send us an email with the nature of your purchase. amount and reference or booking number to:



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