Colombie : The Best of Bogota

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Bogota is the capital of Colombia and is home for more than 10 million people. It is a very busy town, with different faces as one can see in the video. There are beautiful parks, libraries & museums, rich neighborhoods and other touristic sights as well as lots of traffic, poverty (especially in the southern parts) and significant air pollution on some days. Nevertheless the town, which is situated in the mountains at a height of 2600 meters has its special character and is a mandatory stopover for your travels through Colombia. The historical center called "La Candelaria" is a perfect place to start the exploration.

What to do in Bogota? Below you'll find all the places of the video on Google Maps:

La Candelaria:
El Chorro de Quevedo:
Centro Cultural García Marquez:
Las Aquas:
Plaza de Bolívar:
La Septima:
Mueso del Oro:
Plaza de Toros:
Mirador Quebrada la Vieja:
Biblioteca Pública Virgilio Barco:
Parque Simon Bolivar:
Jardín Botánico:
Parque 93:
Parque Jaime Duque:
Salto de Tequendama:
Parque Natural Chicaque:

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