Iran : The City of Isfahan

Isfahan is an incredible city rich with art, history, architecture and beauty. The fact that it’s not a commonly traveled tourist destination is logical to me. However, it really saddens me that many people will never see what this city has to offer. To make matters worse, there aren’t enough unique videos or pictures coming out to at least give a glimpse into this ancient modernized city.

My trip was roughly 3 weeks long. In between seeing family and friends I tried to squeeze in time to take as many photos as I possibly could to hopefully create something that most of you have never seen. There were some of the places I had to get special access to which took a bit of time. Some of the spots were off limits so a bit of bribing came into play. I wanted to make something that would even give the people of Esfahan a different look into their own city. Given I’m not a professional and the time I had to play with, it’s nowhere near perfect. There are countless places I did not get a chance to capture and made a lot of errors along the way.

Regardless, I’m still very proud with the end result and hope to have inspired some of you to travel there some day. Everything you are about to see is either a hyperlapse or a timelapse meaning they’re all pictures turned into film!

Here are some of the project stats:

1 DSLR [ Nikon D5200 ]
2 lenses [ 18-55 mm f3.5-5.5g & 35mm f1.8g ]
+5,000 images
Roughly 120 gigabytes of footage
+100 hours of capturing, editing and processing
Went through 8 hours of music to find the right one.

You can find me:

*Music Credit:
Composer and arrangement: Kiyarash Sanjarani Vahed کیارش سنجرانی واحد
Instruments: Se-Tar, DAF and Kahon by Kiyarash Sanjarani Vahed, Guitar by Najafpoor. C minor.
Contact Kiarash here:
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