Cochem 2

Allemagne : Cochem, vallée de la Moselle

What's it like to spend a lovely day in Germany's Moselle Valley?
The Moselle (German: Mosel) Valley is one of Germany’s top white wine producing regions – hope you like Riesling! The German section of the Moselle river has the steepest vineyards of Europe.
Moselle river is narrower than the Rhine, its neighbour, which seems more charming I'd say.
The most fascinating place shown on this video is Reichsburg Castle in Cochem.
Once built to collect taxes from the ships passing the Moselle river, now hosts tourists from all over the world. Guided tours give you the historical details of nearly 1000 years old castle.
Only within a single day we have visited numerous medieval villages that have colourful half timbered houses.

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