Pays-Bas : Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a small jewel of Holland, a village of 40 houses where time seems to have stopped. Located in the north-east of Amsterdam, on the bank of the Zaan river, it is famous for its mills, which for centuries have been used for many functions, such as moving water and grinding flour, to produce oil, cocoa, paper and even to break the stones that were used to build the current buildings in Amsterdam. Centuries ago hundreds of mills were present in this area but today there are only a dozen left, all functioning and open to the public, where in each of them you will find a person who will show you how it works and what the specific mill was used for!
If you are in the area, a visit is a must to be able to see for yourself how people lived centuries ago in Holland and understand why the mills have become one of its most famous symbols !!!

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Source photo d'illustration : Get Your Guide

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