Canada : Jasper National Park

Towering mountain ranges, icy blue lakes, dense forests, wolves and other wildlife. This video from Jasper National Park shows you highlights of this spectacular part of Canada. Follow a pack of wolves as they interact with each other and travel across the landscape. See impressive elk and bighorn sheep at home in their habitat. Listen to the sound of Canada geese flying overhead. Watch mountain bikers navigating a trail and people riding on horseback all set against a backdrop of the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains. This video will show you why Jasper is one of Canada's natural treasures.

Only a few hours drive from Edmonton, Jasper National Park runs along the spine of the Canadian Rockies. Jasper is the largest and most northerly Canadian rocky mountain national park and is part of a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site. Comprised of delicate and carefully protected ecosystems, Jasper's scenery is also rugged and mountainous. In this special corner of Canada you can thrill to the thunder of Athabasca Falls, enjoy the serene beauty of Mount Edith Cavell, connect with nature along more than 1,000 kilometres of trails, tour the world-renowned Icefields Parkway and experience the Athabasca Glacier up close, or just resign yourself to a relaxing soak in Miette Hotsprings to recover from the endless activities and experiences you'll discover in Jasper National Park.

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